Rafflesia philippensis Blanco

Synonyms: R. banahawensis Madulid et al., R. banahaw Barcelona et al.

R. philippensis

Population 7a (Mt. Banahaw)

Island: Luzon
Region: Southern Tagalog
Province: Quezon
Municipality:  Dolores
Barangay: Kinabuhayan
Locality: Mt. Banahaw. Trail to waterfall Kinabuhayan, Five populations on Mt. Banahaw.  Type from along trail to waterfall. Recovering lowland dipterocarp forest. Steep slopes and beside seasonal creeks and rivers on well-drained sandy soil with dense herbaceous covering or thick leaf litter.  Most pops. in distrubed habitats, such as along trails and campsites.
Lat / Long: 14 02 22.2 N, 121 27 19.2 E

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Nilo B. Tamoria
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Ermita, Manila
Tel. (02) 405-00-01 / 405-00-41
Fax # (02) 405-00-02
r4a@denr.gov.ph / ored4a@yahoo.com

Sally M. Pangan
Mounts Banahaw-Cristobal National Park
(042)7102815 office


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Barcelona, J. F., P. B. Pelser, and M. O. Cajano. 2007. Rafflesia banahaw (Rafflesiaceae), a new species from Luzon, Philippines. Blumea 52: 345-350.

Madulid, D. A., C. Villariba-Tolentino, and E. M. G. Agoo.  2006.  Rafflesia banahawensis (Rafflesiaceae), a new species from Luzon, Philippines.  Philippine Scientist 43: 43-51.

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