Rafflesia mira Fernando and Ong

Synonyms: R. magnifica Madulid et al.

R. mira

Population 6a (Mt. Candalaga)

Island: Mindanao
Region: Southern Mindanao
Province: Compostela Valley [formerly Davao]
Municipality:  Maragusan
Barangay: New Albay
Locality: Mt. Candalaga
Lat / Long: ca. 7 22 05 N, 126 02 03 E
Mt. Candalaga is 7 21 0 N, 126 4 38 E
Compostella is 7.673056, 126.088889

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Contact Information
Mayor Cesar C. Colina, Sr.
Poblacion, Maragusan
Compostela Valley Province
Tel: 63-9295201750


Fernando, E. S., and P. S. Ong. 2005. The genus Rafflesia R. Br. (Rafflesiaceae) in the Philippines. Asia Life Sciences 14: 263-270.

Madulid, D. A., D. N. Tandang, and E. M. G. Agoo. 2005. Rafflesia magnifica (Rafflesiaceae), a new species from Mindanao, Philippines. Acta Manilana 53: 1-6.

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