Rafflesia leonardi Barcelona & Pelser

Synonyms: none

R. leonardi

Population 3a (Cagayan)

Island: Luzon
Region: Cagayan Valley
Province: Cagayan
Municipality: Gattaran and Lal-lo. 
Barangay: Bolos Point
Sitio: Kanapawan
Locality: Logged-over lowland dipterocarp forests. Along river and stream banks on thin soil and rocky substrate and among trees with exposed roots that form buttresses. Six populations in the area. In Northeastern Cagayan Protected Area Landscape.
Lat / Long: 18 11 29.47 N, 122 14 12.88 E

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Barcelona, J. F, P. B. Pelser, E. Cabutaje, and N. A. Bartolome.  2008.  Another new species of Rafflesia (Rafflesiaceae) from Luzon, Philippines: R. leonardi. Blumea 53: 223-228.

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